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El Planter - Youth and Children School


EL PLANTER – Eòlia’s Youth and Children School offers continuing and progressive training in the disciplines of acting, voice-singing and dance, within the fields of text theatre and musical theatre, for children between the ages of 3 and 18. In order to reach our educational goals and better tailor this training to the needs of each student, we have created three different levels, each with its own contents and coordinating structure:


LITTLE ARTISTS – (Petits Artistes) (3 to 8 years old). This level aims to introduce young children to theatre. It is a space in which they will be able to explore and discover the creative universe through movement, games, stories, images, objects and songs. Students will work on oral and corporal expression, as well as their imagination and the relationship with others. Groups of children 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 years old.


SPOTLIGHT(Tramoia) (9 to 13 years old). At this stage we want children to discover and develop a taste for theatre though an approach that aims to be fun but that is also based on clear objectives. Boys and girls ages 8 to 12 will work on improvisation and acting exercises, staging, connecting with emotions, exploring characters, time-awareness and voice exercises, encouraging students to become confident and independent young actors. During the academic year we will also include sessions devoted to specific subjects so that students can discover other theatre and communicative languages, such as acrobatics, clown, dance, etc. Beginning when students are 12 years old we will be even more specific and we will cover in greater depth the fields of acting, movement (the body) and voice as separate concentrations, specifying and focusing the objectives of each kind of training more and more as students advance.


GROUPS A (9-10 and 11-12 years old): Two hours a week with the same teacher. The classes cover everything: acting, voice and movement.


GROUPS B (13-14 years old.): Two hours a week with a different (specialist) teacher for each subject taught: acting, voice and movement.


FRONT ROW (Platea) (14 to 18 years old) We help students awaken the senses and refine their perception. We help them open to the sensorial stimuli from the outside world, while at the same time we consciously explore feelings and moods. We work with exercises that aim to give students more freedom, and a stronger voice-body-emotions connection by using personal experience as a foundation and starting point. All of this work is done by way of improvisation, disinhibition, body awareness and concentration, observation, confidence and creativity. We work to make sure students learn correct vocal hygiene and fundamental habits for working as actors and musical professionals. We detect possible phoniatrics and logopedics problems, and refer students to the relevant specialists. We introduce work on diction and the oral expression of the spoken voice. We develop learning processes that enable students to express their emotions through the text, recognize the voice as a basic tool for expression, and learn certain necessary norms for working with the spoken voice. We will achieve the highest level of connection and flow with our bodies and a command of space. We will specifically work on creative dance and gesture work.


FRONT ROW (Platea) “Work in Progress”: Creative spaces based on original materials or the adaptation of existing works by the students themselves. These workshops allow students to go deeper into the world of the theatre arts and will conclude with a public presentation of the “Work in Progress” that they have been putting together.


DANCE TRAINING (groups from 3 to 18 years old)We will work on movement beginning with the deepest level of awareness of the body as a means to learn and develop a dancing that is dynamic, articulated and expressive. We will help students reconnect with their bodies, and discover greater precision, strength and ease of movement. The class begins with warm-up exercises and continues to develop until students create more complex works, alternating improvisation and choreography.


CREATIVE - CLASSICAL BALLET: Groups of students 3-4, 5-7 and 8-11 years old.

CLASSICAL BALLET - CONTEMPORARY: Groups of students 12-14 and 15-18 years old.




El Planter - Youth and Children School



THEATRE DIRECTING AND PLAYWRITING for students 16 to 18 years old): Delve into the craft of playwriting and theatre directing and learn how to start creating a theatre piece and bring your ideas to the stage.


CREATIVE CAMP (for students 6 to 9 years old): Saturday mornings come to the Conservatory to explore the various artistic disciplines: theatre, dance, music and the visual arts.


JAZZ DANCE (ages 11 to 17): Come and dance jazz and the choreographies of your favorite musicals.TAP (ages 6 to 10): work on the coordination and the technique of tap dance combined with body percussion and other styles.


HIP HOP (ages 8 to 13): be a part of this urban dance movement and put together original choreographies.


DUBBING (ages 10 to 16): work on lip synchronization, rhythm, dramatic emotion and versatility in this professional dubbing course.


MUSICAL AWARENESS (ages 3 to 6): the body becomes a communication tool capable of expressing and perceiving the sound world around us. Improve body control, awareness and synchronization.


ATELIER CHOIR (ages 10 to 18): the Conservatory’s Classical Repertoire choir where you will be able to do voicework and practice harmony singing.


SING AND PERFORM (ages 10 to 18): Choir (Modern Repertoire) in which you will be able to sing songs from Broadway musicals.



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