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The PLATAFORMA i+d theatre does not put on commercial productions, but instead it is an open and welcoming space for the presentation and creation of new projects connected with training at Eòlia and the Conservatory’s extensive network of collaborating professionals.


The aim of this space is the following:



Plataforma I+D Decalogue


  • Promote and encourage innovation in the performing arts.

  • Promote and encourage development in the field of the Performing Arts

  • Mentor emerging creative projects to help the projects and those involved in them find an outlet and a way to fit into the professional world.

  • Encourage collaborative projects between professionals and promising new talents.

  • Welcome and provide a space for new and existing creative and artistic ideas.

  • Invest in the promotion of contemporary creative projects.

  • Act as an international platform and meeting point between our culture and the outside world.

  • Encourage new audiences for the performing arts.

  • Dedicate our efforts to giving fresh impetus to disadvantaged social groups by introducing them to the performing arts.

  • Dedicate all available resources to spreading the word about charitable causes.



Eòlia’s PLATAFORMA i+d Theatre

PLATAFORMA I+D is thus a multipurpose theatre space linked to Eòlia’s Conservatory that aims to facilitate the dissemination of new creative initiatives in the fields of theatre, music, dance, and the performing arts in general.


It is a space that seeks direct contact with the public, which is ultimately a fundamental element of the theatre experience, to test a wide variety of aesthetic possibilities.


We want it to be a place that welcomes and makes possible the presentation of plays, performances and artistic works, which channel the creative curiosity of students, alumni, faculty and professionals in the performing arts who are connected with this project.


The PLATAFORMA I+D  theatre is, therefore, a meeting place where professionals and students come together within the framework of a theatre space that is committed to innovation and the development of new talent and new initiatives in the cultural context of Barcelona.


During its first year, in addition to all of the education activities at the Conservatory (master classes and workshops that were strictly pedagogical in nature), we should point out that the space also hosted professional creative proposals by consolidated actors and artists and/or emerging artists that were either trained at Eòlia or are affiliated with the Conservatory.


The general philosophy of the PLATAFORMA I+D regarding theatre is based on the following two areas: the adaptation and revision of universal classics (from a contemporary viewpoint), and the presentation of unpublished contemporary works and new creations.


Aside from strictly theatre-related events, the PLATAFORMA I+D aims to program cultural and educational outreach activities, such as screenings, talks, workshops, debates and roundtables on theatre, literature, society, film and the artistic practice in general. It is also a space for classical and modern music concerts, as well as events specifically for children.

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