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Performing Arts High School Program


For the 2013-2014 Academic Year, Granés Batxillerat has added a new track to their high school (Batxillerat) educational offering (in addition to the existing ones: Science & Technology and Humanities & Social Sciences): the Performing Arts.



What is NEW is that this subject will be co-taught by and shared with Eòlia, Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Both centers have joined forces to provide a better and more specialized preparation for students who seek to enter the world of the performing arts, whether be for actor training, theatre directing, playwriting, television screenwriting, etc.



What the Granès High School Batxillerat offers students:



- The faculty and the coursework.

- A study methodology that has helped thousands of students successfully pass the Batxillerat high school exam: eight evaluations, individual advising and small class sizes. - - More than 60 years of experience with student guidance and motivation.

- Individualized attention to students (teachers know their first and last names).

- A team of educators passionate about teaching and invested in the progress of each of their students.

- An inviting and studious environment.

- Maximum fluidity in the communication between parents, students and the school.



What Eòlia, Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, offers students:


- The faculty and the contents of the curriculum and the elective courses.

- Professors who are also active professionals.

- A connection between students and the professional world.

- A gateway to Eòlia’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama degree program, which is an officially recognized and accredited degree.

- Studio Practice from day one.

- Advanced techniques in Performing Arts education.

- The experience of being at the only private center in Catalonia that is authorized to offer higher education studies in the Performing Arts.

- Personalized academic advising to help students prepare for a future in the Performing Arts.


More information:

Performing Arts High School Program

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