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EÒLIA –– Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, founded in Barcelona in 2000, is associated with theater companies Tricicle, Dagoll Dagom, and since 2012, (the same year EÒLIA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama degree was given official recognition), The Galilei Project.


Eòlia is closely connected to both the national and international theatre arts scene, and has developed new professional training programs for actors, singers, playwrights, dramaturges, producers, dancers and musicians. These programs incorporate current and cutting-edge artistic techniques, and are taught by renowned faculty active in the professional performing arts world. 


Eòlia is more than a theater school, it’s a living project––a space that offers students room to grow and an outlet for discovery, whether they are future professionals, professionals that seek to hone their skills, or people who don’t plan to go on to a career in the Performing Arts but seek to grow, learn and have fun in the areas of theatre, dramaturgy, playwriting, singing or dance.

The center offers two plans of studies for adults:


The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama program (ESAD) (officially recognized higher education degree, equivalent to a four-year Grau degree in Catalan universities).


The Studio Training Program (Escola Lliure) (which was where all students at Eòlia had been enrolled until the official recognition of the Conservatory’s BFA in Drama degree program. This Studio Training Program continues to be a fundamental part of our academic offering).


YOUTH AND CHILDREN SCHOOL - EL PLANTER –– El Planter, Eòlia’s school for children and young adults, is the precursor to the professional school and acts as a foundation for the adults’ school. Therefore the work, faculty, and content of both programs are exactly the same for both levels. The youth program and the adult program share a common mission and integrity, but the Planter youth program specializes in –and has extensive experience and passion for— accompanying and respecting the process of childhood development.




"Eòlia is more than a theater school, it is a living project."


EÒLIA (Conservatory of Dramatic Arts) is an association of Fortià Viñas, Rosa Galindo, Joan Lluís Bozzo, Miquel Periel, Anna Rosa Cisquella, Joan Gràcia, Paco Mir, Carles Sans, Josep Galindo and Pablo Ley.




TRICICLE is a gestural theatre company whose shows are predominantly based on humour. Read more on their website:


Dagoll Dagom



The Galilei Project



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