Eòlia's academic credit system


Eòlia’s academic credit system follows the ECTS principle of 60 ECTS credits for a full courseload during one academic year, and 30 ECTS per semester. A single credit is equivalent to 25 hours of work. Eòlia’s grading scale runs from 1-10. The passing grades range from 5 (pass) to 10 (outstanding). In order to make the grades that are awarded in a specific degree programme more transparent, to better determine their actual value, and for mobile students to enable a fair conversion into local grades, the ECTS Grading Table will be introduced during the coming academic year.


Credits are allocated to course units depending on the number of hours of work completed by the student, whether the course credits were mandatory, optional, electives, internships or diploma theses. Eòlia will also take into account student grades while studying abroad, the level of difficulty of the coursework, etc. All of the credits that the student earns during the mobility period and which were originally agreed in the Learning Agreement will be recognized by Eòlia without the need for the student to take any further courses or exams. 

Outgoing mobility (Eòlia students)


Credit recognition




We would need to draw a distinction, firstly, between the application of the outgoing students (addressed to our Centre’s Academic Secretary) before the mobility and the confirmation document once accepted into the program. This will be done by the aforementioned Secretary following the mobility.


Regardless, the credit recognition process will go through the following stages:


1) Before the mobility:

The Centre’s International Department Head, with the approval of the Educational Director or department or the Mobility Tutor, will examine the student’s application and academic history, according to the learning agreement the student has signed with the other institution.


2) After the mobility:


Eòila, upon receipt of the Transcript of Records / Training Certificate, will recognize the credits earned by the student during the mobility and count them towards their final degree. After meeting with the student, the Director, Quality Controller and the Head of Mobility will meet and discuss the student’s transcript and academic history to determine their equivalence at the home institution. Students will then be notified of their decision, and will meet with the academic director to discuss their next steps. They will also be invited to become mentors of students exploring mobility options, and to participate in information sessions. Their testimonials will be recorded and included on Eòlia’s website.


Academic credit will be awarded depending on whether the course credits were mandatory, optional, electives, internships or diploma theses. Furthermore, the centre will study the competences of the subjects that the student has chosen to find the best match with the subjects he has not studied in his absence at the home institution. It will also be essential to analyse the foreign institution’s results and the qualifications during the student’s stay in the exchange program. In each case, the awarding of credit shall be governed in accordance with the law and the Centre’s regulations on these issues. 


Incoming Mobility (visiting students)
Credit certification 


Once the centre has signed the "learning agreement" with the incoming mobility students (and after they have completed the courses in the proposed pact with the center), EÒLIA will report to the center of origin to certify that the student has achieved the competences and passed the courses satisfactorily.


In the report, there will appear the subjects the student completed, the ratings of the subjects, and the value of ECTS credits associated with each subject.


Apart from the strictly academic information there will be a descriptive report with other observations on the student's stay in the center as well as a description of other educational or participation activities in which they may have been involved.

Credit Recognition and Certification - Outgoing and Incoming ERASMUS mobility