European and international mobility for students and academic staff is managed by Eòlia's International Department. 


Step-by-step: implementation and organization of mobility:


1) Research and visit centres of higher education and institutions (EU and non-EU). - Head of Mobility

2) Signing of bilateral agreements. - Director

3) Planning and organizing logistics for each mobility - Head of Mobility.

4) Notify students of mobility offering and requirements - Head of Communication 

5) Receive students’ registration applications - Academic Secretary

6) Carry out linguistic competence tests - Qualified teaching staff

7) Evaluate applications and apply a scale system. - Academic Evaluation Committee and the Head of Mobility

8) Publish the list of accepted students - Head of Communication

9) Let the exchange institutions know which students have been selected - Head of Mobility

10) Sign the learning agreement (student, and the sending and receiving institution/enterprise/organization) before the start of the mobility. - Director

​11) Students carry out the mobility.

12) Monitoring of the mobility and the learning agreements - Head of Mobility

13) Credit recognition and validation - Head of Studies, Director and Head of Mobility

14) Processing academic transcripts - Academic Secretary


International Department Permanent Team

- Head of Mobility - Margaret Luppino

- Quality Coordinator: Pere Sagristà-Ollé

- Administration (Academic Secretary): Joan Vall

- Eòlia Codirector of Education: Josep Galindo

- There will also be an academic advisor (a full-time professor) assigned to mobility and 2 interns that will handle certain tasks related to international mobility.

International Office – Team


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