Eòlia’s international strategy is equally focused on creating EU and non-EU partnerships in order to provide our students with a diverse array of options for studying abroad, as well as to open our doors to students from around the world. We will be steadily building bridges with schools, conservatories, theatres, and teaching staff in order to promote greater mobility and cross-border cooperation by establishing close relationships with partner institutions.


When choosing our partners, a relationship of trust as well as academic excellence and creativity are key. We will look for partners with similar philosophies, but not copies of our school; our aim is for our students and staff to seek out new and richer experiences that offer them professional and personal growth. In addition to a complimentary work philosophy, our EU partners must be: a legal entity; an establishment of Higher Education or University; be registered in a Member State of the European Union; be directly responsible for managing the activities of its collaborating international centers. For our non-EU partners, we will seek to establish close ties with some of the best universities, conservatories, and centers, both privately and publicly funded.


In the first two years, geographically our focus will be on (in the EU): England, France, Italy and Germany, due to many close (unofficial) existing ties with schools and academic staff in these locations. Outside of the EU, we will begin with the United States (where we have already begun negotiations with the University of Chicago, Illinois, and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting), Canada and Argentina. We have chosen the majority of these locations due to existing ties with people or schools in these countries and prior collaborations.


The main objective of the European and international mobility of EOLIA is fundamentally to offer students educational and professional experiences in new cultural contexts that improve their artistic and linguistic skills and help them to grow as individuals.


At Eòlia we believe that cultural and linguistic immersion allows students to gain perspective about creative expression and see the world from a different angle, which in turn helps them to mature as artists. Mobility is a key element to foster future potential links between young professionals from different countries. It can also encourage the creation of new artistic hybrid languages that generate new dramatic dialogue, new acting languages and new perspectives on stage direction.


The students’ and academic staff’s participation in these programs indisputably enriches the quality of teaching and learning of the participants involved. Not only does mobility enrich students and staff, it is a key source of innovation for the host center.


Target groups: Eòlia will promote the European and non-EU mobility of its students from 2nd cycle onwards (3rd and 4th year, of a four year programme) and also in the future, the 3rd cycle (postgraduate, master's and doctorate). The Centre will also promote the European and non-EU mobility of academic staff, particularly in areas related to research and development of new performance languages.


Eòlia is keen to find other European Centers of Higher Education in the Performing Arts that have similar objectives with regard to the creation of double degrees. Our goal is to offer these types of degrees, both in the medium and long-term, with partners that have a curriculum that is most pedagogically compatible with the Eòlia’s.

Erasmus Policy Statement