The centre, along with this ERASMUS HIGHER EDUCATION letter of request, would like to join with effort and dedication, the initiatives and the new integrated guidelines within the framework of the European Strategy 2014-2020, established by the European Commission in regards to the modernisation of European Higher Education Systems. Our Centre provides total support also for the internationalization of European Higher Education. Therefore, the Centre wants to be an active and necessary part of this European Space for Higher Education. 


  • We want to improve the level of our graduates to make them more competent both on a national and international level.

  • We want to contribute to the general improvement of Higher Education of the Arts providing our innovative point of view, at an educational and professional level, based on a model which promotes multiculturalism and internationalization of the creative processes.

  • We want our project to be recognized for its commitment to establishing mobility synergies and international cooperation. We also want the project to contribute an identity to our higher education, which is modern and open to all borders.

  • We want to improve our Centre’s profile for research programmes and linking of graduate students in the professional world, domestically and internationally. We also want to strengthen the knowledge triangle: Education-Research-Innovation.

  • We want to open doors to improve our possibilities of funding, and to be able to develop with this more complex projects on a more medium and long term scope, so as to create more effective mechanisms for governance.


Furthermore, the Centre also advocates:


  • An intelligent, sustainable and integrated growth of European Higher Education.

  • An increase in graduates in Europe, in all fields and levels.

  • Improving quality development of human resources in Higher Education.

  • Improving the knowledge and skills of the professors’ in European Higher Education.

  • The deployment of initiatives and tools for the evaluation and promotion of the employability of its graduates.

  • Stimulating the spirit of innovation of students, allowing them to apply their knowledge and experiences in research.

  • Contributing to transparency, excellence, diversification and cooperation between members of the European Union.


Among the Centre’s objectives in relation to the European mobility programmes of Higher Education, is to foster the mobility of teachers as well as other teaching staff members in colleges and universities abroad. The ultimate objective of this initiative is the recycling and permanent enrichment of our Centre’s professors beyond its architectural-pedagogical structures.


The Centre also wishes to facilitate the possibility for members of the educational team to observe and analyse operation models of other European institutions. This initiative to constantly improve and modernize our educational project profile could not be conceived without ongoing exchanges with international delegates, to share and enrich our own models.Participation in European and international cooperation projects will allow the Centre to be very engaged in the discussions and issues of international cooperation in the European Union, including the tasks towards a better integration of research for development in the European Framework Programme for Research and Development. All of the Centre’s measures will aim to increase the visibility of our actions and make our cooperation and development highly positive and productive experiences in Europe and worldwide. They also will try to strengthen relationships and progressively increase relations with a growing number of partners. 

Eòlia Mobility - Philosophy and objectives