The aim is to provide students with the basic resources to awaken and strengthen their corporal and sensorial awareness. Students will become aware of their posture and movement habits, move beyond their limitations to achieve fluidity, freedom and harmony in their movements. They will also expand the capability and the possibilities inherent in this movement. A body that responds, that is available and prepared.


Courses offered:


DANCE 1 Students will discover, connect with and relate to the body and from the body. They will experience the basic technical principles of movement that favor body openness and use their energy efficiently. They will learn to open themselves to the pleasure of dancing while being present in their bodies. They will be introduced to the discipline and attention to the body at the service of movement. Faculty: Teresa García Valenzuela/ Mar Medina, Mar Medina and Cristina Lugstenmann. Year-long course. Hours/week: 3 hours (1.5h + 1.5h) – Groups: a) Mondays and Wednesdays (9:30h – 11h) – b) Tuesdays and Thursdays (14:30 – 16h) – c) Mondays and Thursdays (17:30h – 19h)


DANCE 2 Students will deepen their knowledge of the basic principles of movement. Our work, grounded in the concept of using the least amount of effort and thus maximizing their energy, will help students develop expressiveness and the capacity to memorize and improvise by expanding their range of body language. We will work on the perception and projection of the body in space. Faculty: Anna Rubirola, Nuria Legarda. Year-long course. Hours/week: 3h (1.5h + 1.5h) Groups: a) Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:30h – 11h) – b) Tuesdays and Thursdays (16h – 17:30h).


DANCE 3 Students will experience the commitment of training. They will go deeper into the work of improving the basic principles of movement as well as the physical abilities according to being, acting and expressing. They will relate to movement in a way that focuses on creation and dramatization.Faculty: Nuria Legarda, Anna Rubirola - 3 trimesters - Hours/week: 3h (1.5h + 1.5h) - Groups: a) Tuesday and Thursday (11h - 14h) to specify with the teachers. 



The aim is to gain body awareness. We will do so through body awareness exercises and stretching. We will improve our posture and breath in movement. We will seek to strike a balance between economy of movement and energy and muscle tone. We will develop perception, feelings and physical adaptation.

Faculty: Cristina Lugstenmann – Year-long course - Hours/week: 1.5h - Groups: a) Mondays 15:30-17h


GRINBERG METHOD individual sessions

Throughout the academic year Eòlia offers packs of 4 private sessions that will provide students an intensive learning process. These 4 sessions will focus on overcoming a specific difficulty or limitation the student has been experiencing in his or her acting (learning to manage stage fright, being more present, learning to express with the whole body, to have greater freedom of movement).


The Grinberg Method helps us train our attention to no longer be trapped in roles that we automatically repeat every day and that limit or condition our abilities. The learning methodology consists in using touch and various techniques (related to breathing, muscle control, learning to be silent, among others) that widen our perception of the body and how we use it, and it provides us with the tools we need to overcome our limitations. For more information about the Grinberg Method you can consult the official website:

Faculty: Extitxu Tello - Groups: Private weekly sessions 60 min intensive. 2 sessions per week.



The Alexander Technique is a method by which we can learn to move in a more efficient manner, coordinating thinking with movement, freeing tensions and saving energy. It is a gentle system that helps us detect and change our habits (both those related to our posture and how we use our bodies) that interfere with the alignment and coordination of our body, this essential tool for life. Through simple exercises and movement we awake the sensory receptors in our muscles, tendons and skin so that we can enhance our proprioception and the sense of kinesthesia and thus improve both how we move and the quality of that movement. The sessions aim to provide students with the tools that, by way of the Alexander Technique (A.T.), allow them to improve the way they move, either as singers, dancers, actors or actresses, as they use their body as a means of expression. We will learn to move ourselves more freely in a body that is aware and open.

Faculty: Mar Medina- Eòlia 11 months - Groups: Private sessions 45 min and 60 min. Exercises to enhance movement, body language and physical communication.