Acting for the Camera  El Terrat

Eòlia and the producer El Terrat have joined forces to train new acting talent specifically regarding acting for the camera. Both centers share the teaching philosophy of connecting students to the professional world from day one of their training. This is why the screenwriters, artists, acting directors, casting directors and acting coaches of El Terrat have joined Eòlia to help pass along their knowledge to future actors.


Acting for the camera is different from other kinds of acting. Teaching and informing students about the various acting schools, the different ways of approaching a screenplay, the genres and sub-genres that come together in all manners of audiovisual productions is the first goal of this particular branch of actor training. Ranging from film and television to entertainment programs, sketches, video clips, court métrages, etc., we will discover how to perfect and polish the students’ toolbox and techniques.


Our teaching is based on the analysis and viewing of the great performances in film history. An extensive knowledge of the great motors of change that marked a before and after in the acting world. We will learn what is necessary to be prepared for the reading and the challenge of a role, the inner workings of a film or television shoot, and above all, students will be given the chance to practice, and learn first-hand, the necessary technical resources to train themselves to act for the camera.


At El Terrat we are committed to training with the sole objective of discovering new talents, training them and incorporating them into the industrial television and film world. With Eòlia we share the same fundamental objective: training people and discovering new talent.